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Scubadog / 10 Sep 3305
Home, Sweet Home...Bisley Landing

I finally got everything unpacked in my new condo on the beautiful Bisley Landing in Benzaiten.  I'm on the upper floor of the second building from the left:

It's a nice little community, and I have one of the major parks right behind me.  The guy who lives on the first floor is a senior stations systems designer. He was brought in when they first built the station and rather than move on to the next job he decided to stay on to manage the overall systems health.  He oversees a hierarchy of a couple hundred senior subsystems managers.  In other words, he's the "big picture" guy for Bisley.  He's definitely a good guy to know if you want to know about the behind-the-scenes of any system on the station.  Right next door there's a pretty big family that has the whole thing leased out.  A young couple with five kids (yikes!) lives below and the wife's parents live above.  Apparently the husband's parents were killed as the Thargoid incursion really started to manifest and that was enough to drive the whole clan to decide to move out here to Colonia.  And I can't say I blame them at all.  When I migrated here over three years ago, the Thargoids weren't much more than a mark in the history tomes.  The husband is an investment broker tech commodities (which seems to be quite lucrative with Colonia growing so quickly) and the wife is a genetic rehabilitation "designer"--being exposed to so many exotic radiation situations can create interesting havoc in humans and animals alike, so designing custom therapies to rehabilitate genetic damage or mutations that threaten long-term viability is a much sought-after skill.  Their five kids range in age from 3 to 18  (three girls, two boys).  They're all well-behaved enough (so far).  The oldest, a girl, is apparently following in her mom's footsteps.  Sharp as a whip.  The youngest, a boy, is amazingly articulate--he'll probably grow up to be a politician.

Anyway, I really love the view from my new place.  Here's a shot from my complex looking at the pad where my Imperial Courier was sitting at the time:

This is a far cry different from my very utilitarian-looking place on Colonia Dream.  So far, I couldn't be happier.  Sure, this system is a little farther away from the busiest systems in the Colonia region, but it's worth it.  And there's just something welcoming about flying into range of the station and seeing the rings, full of LIFE, as opposed to the starkness of the orb that is a Coriolis station.

I still have to settle into my new routine.  Three plus years in the same location builds in a pretty high degree of habitual movement, so I need to make myself absorb the new normal.
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