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Ted Buckland / 10 Sep 3305
Dear Diary

Cruising around a moon is increasingly more fun. I think i visited almost every landable thing in toluku. Shot at roids and collected stuff ... i guess i wont have to bother about repairing or refueling my SRV for a while now, all good on those materials for now.

One dumb NPC was very curious ... he scanned me like 10 times in 5 minutes once i was already landed on the ground. Well, maybe some things don't change that much throughout a millenium ... and the police in 3305 still ain't the smartest folk around. Who knows ...

Found a lot of stuff lighting up on my radar i never saw before ... a capsule like gagarins one ages ago ... seemed to be empty, just a drone buzzing around it. No idea what i could or should do with that one, so left it alone.

A while later i found some cans neatly arranged in the middle of ... well, nowhere, guarded by three or four drones. They did not like me that much. So i tried to get used to the turret of the SRV to kill them before they killed me. OP success .. with a seriously dented hull.

And then found an installation that was very brightly lit, i already could see it from miles away i assume. A few turrets (clean) and a few drones (wanted) guarding it. Totally made no sense to me, either you all are clean or all are wanted, a least that is how i would think. What the installation's purpose was ... not the foggiest idea.

Hell my SRV gulps fuel like my first car did, amazing. Always have to check to have enough mats to refuel it via synthesis ... and there will be a day when i remember what stuff it was i need to do that .. sulphur and .. hmmm, i wanna say phosphor ? Still not remembering that, have only done it like 10 times now ...

Still have to figure out how to deal with the blue spots on my radar while still in space over a planet ... even if i almost grind my ships nose into the ground, cannot see a thing at the assumed center of the blue ring. And once i am in my SRV the blue donut is gone, figures ...

Manually landing is still on the bucket list ... once i am finally fed up cruising around planets in my SRV And yes, i also will have to fit a wake scanner thingy in order to get some of the more advanced stuff in space. One of the enginering chicks calls for that, so better have a few before i visit next time.
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CMDR Ted Buckland
12 Sep 3305
Dear Diary
Ted Buckland
10 Sep 3305
Dear Diary
Ted Buckland
08 Sep 3305
Dear Diary
Ted Buckland
06 Sep 3305
Dear Diary
Ted Buckland
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