Logbook entry

Fredopasta / 11 Sep 3305
Back to the Bubble

I can't remember how long ago I left on my failed trip out to Colonia, but it's definitely been too long. Even though I sprinted out there, making it almost halfway in a week in my Python, I have taken my time flying back, collecting as much high value scan data and learning planetary mining, learning how to use the FSS, and how to use the onboard synthesizer. Handling my ship and my SRV in varying gravities was exciting, and while it undoubtedly made me a better pilot, it's also the reason I'm cutting my "educational delay" short by about 2,000 lightyears and began running back to the bubble.

I should provide a little bit of context as to what may make this a strange entry to read: I am writing this while traveling, stopping to align for my next jump between writing, so I will likely complete my (as of now) 125 jump journey while I'm writing.

It was actually because of learning planetary mining and my natural tendency to push myself to commit to harder and harder, although more efficient and faster, maneuvers that I'm returning to the Bubble perhaps days before intended. These maneuvers include such attempted hotshot moves as 50 degree planetary landings, maxing out my throttle to enter orbital cruise, and refueling between jumps at top speed, which I wasn't always attentive enough for and have caused damage to my ship as a result. It was actually a high-speed planetary landing that led to the "oh sh*t" moment when my cargo hatch began jettisoning cargo. Naturally, having left without being properly fitted, I didn't have an AFMU and was loaded down with my combat modules.

About 200 jumps out from my planned destination, Valis, I made the fast decision to abandon the slow method and to begin heading back as fast as possible.

100 jumps to go. I've worked so hard on collecting the right kind of scan data I'm hoping that it will be enough to sell to earn a Sol permit and enough to buy an Anaconda. When I left, I wasn't sure I wanted it due to the common complaint of undocking difficulty, and personally, I'd like to be able to pull out with my Anaconda from time to time (heyo). Since now there is an undocking module, I have very little reason to not get one, and I very much look forward to, with both excitement and trepidation, to see how much I've earned and to replace my Python with the bigger, better versions.

With 94 jumps to go, I'm out of things to say until I've arrived at Valis. See you in space, Pilots.
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