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Ithilin / 11 Sep 3305
New Plan

I try to do my homework before venturing into a new, uh, venture. In this case I ran into a combat veteran in a bar who was raving about Thargoids until the designated driver of the group helped him out.

Sounds like I won't be hunting any just yet: Aurene needs some serious upgrades first, and I expect to spend considerable time locating appropriate expertise.

(Aurene's my Anaconda. She likes to eat overconfident pirates hunting innocent mining Anacondas near ice belts.)

Tod polished up her multicannons a treat. I invested in some gimbals since last I saw him and he pretty much insisted on hooking up some autoloaders to them. Threading the ammo feed through the gimbal looked improbable but the agility of the weapon wasn't affected. Guy knows his stuff.

Elvira was able to whip up some new shield refinements from my scan logs. I may have gushed a little too much about that thermal resist mod she installed last time; she awkwardly admitted to having learned that particular trick from an expert she knew out near Colonia... so I guess I'll be headed back out there at some stage too.

Finally, I filled the class-2 hole in my arsenal with a Seeker rack. I'm not really sure about missiles to be honest, but Liz convinced me to at least try them, on the grounds that I do really like seeing things explode. Did me a good deal on a very-extended missile rack too.

I've got a few more names to look up, and then it's back to Colonia I suppose.

It'll be worth it if Aurene becomes the iron ass I know she can be.
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CMDR Ithilin
11 Sep 3305
New Plan
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