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Un1k0rn / 11 Sep 3305
Logbook entry 3:

Well, I found the time to take the Viper out.

What a machine!

When I entered the RES, I was able to much more easily keep up with the authorities. And when the gunfire erupted... Bloody hell! The Rattler is a beast!

To cut a long story short, I was able to earn just shy of 1.9m credits in this sortie. And I was promoted to Novice.

I think there is a future for me in combat.

With the credits earned, I was able to buy a brand new Cobra Mk III, which I have named Fang. I plan to operate her as a trading ship. Alas, nowhere in the Pilot's Federation district can 16t cargo racks be purchased. A similar problem arose of the Rattler's larger internals when equipping armour reinforcement. No available package from the outfitters filled up the available space.

Considering what I have achieved over the last, what? 36 hours? It may well be time to start considering what's next for me in the galaxy. What I can tell you is I have no idea to turn to criminal pursuits. The temptation was there, absolutely. But frankly, it is becoming clear that I have no problem making a living on the right side of the law. I can trade, and I can fight. If I can do those two things then I'm well equipped to survive the spaceways.

Which leads me to the next thing to ponder... Now that my Cobra is here, it more or less puts my Sidewinder into obsolescence for trading.

But I do not want to sell the the Snakebite. So, I am considering refitting her as a short range exploration ship. This is something I will need to do in any case, as I do want to get into mining in the future. So, having a ship available to scout out lucrative mining sites will be most beneficial.

Anyway, I've just ordered a takeout from one of the food courts here in Mawson Dock, and I'm expecting delivery to my ship any minute now. I also went and got a case of cider. Thing is, now I have my Cobra, I no longer feel obligated to bunk in one of the crappy bunkhouses in the station. This ship can genuinely be lived in with comfort. So I basically ended up buying not just a ship today, but a home.

Anyway, to end my logs today, I wanted to record a mysterious message.

I was sent a hail from a man calling himself Tod McQuinn. He didn't say much in his hail, but he did say that he'd noticed my success in bounty hunting. He gave me an offer. If I donate 100k worth of bounties to him, he will open up what he calls his workshop where he says that he has knowledge in upgrading various weaponry. Given I now have an interest in bounty hunting, modifications to my weapons would certainly be an interesting avenue to pursue.

But not tonight. It's been a very busy night, and I want to get some sleep now.

~CMDR Matt "Un1k0rn" Smith
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