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SarcasticDragon / 12 Sep 3305
Ramblings of a timeless entity

Who’s there? You? Who are you? It doesn’t matter. What matters is when.


I am old. Very old. But am I? I have spent almost all of that time, lying in a freezer within the void, unconscious, my blood drained and replaced with a perpetual flow of chilled antifreeze. So am I? I don’t know.

Forgive the frantic pace of my ramblings. I just lost about 5 paragraphs due to a glitch, and I don’t much feel like rewriting all of it.

Is it normal? What I’ve done? In two months. I have gone from a scared, lost individual, knowing nothing about this galaxy, to a double elite billionaire who is unchallenged by all but his fellow commanders. Is that normal for Commanders of the Pilots Federation? Maybe.

But it is, nonetheless, disappointing. Disappointing that I so easily took such a massive amount for myself, in so little time, with so little knowledge of the modern world.. Or.. Galaxy, I suppose. No matter.

So I go into the black. To challenge myself, hopefully. I have been to Sagittarius A*. But I have never gone past it, or to the other far reaches of the galaxy. I will now. I have grown bored with the internal affairs of the bubble, tired of accumulating more wealth for the sake of wealth, sick of listlessly swatting away pirates in dilapidated, atrophied cobras and vipers, too stupid to check before interdicting a heavily armed and modified Federal Corvette. And most of all, I am tired of the insignificance of everything I’ve done thus far. I am just another commander, sure, I’m high ranking, sure, I have everything I could possibly want that is currently possible to obtain. But for all of that, I have only indirectly nudged events to my liking.

I have something to prove. What? To Who? If you do not know the answers to those questions, my dear reader, then it is not you.

No offense, of course

I wonder if people still recognize that symbol these days.. hm.

You though. Who reads this? Are you one? Are you many? All at once? Or at different times, in different places? Are you a pilot? Experienced? Inexperienced? Perhaps someone looking for a friend in this lonely profession? Or for help? I suppose a new companion would be a nice change of pace. Maybe it’ll make me a little less crazy sounding.

But honestly, where’s the fun in that?
Do you like it?

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