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Korz / 12 Sep 3305
Out there

I awoke late this morning, and groggily made my way to the galley, I started my coffee and fed Bella in her regular bowl. I slowly shuffle to the cockpit and pull up the navacomputer. I have about 63 jumps to go to get to the destination that Jean set for me for this test run of her new systems monitor. I altered a line of code that she instructed last night, we will see if it helps today.

I pull the map up and verify the remaining course. After breakfast I climb into my seat and we take off from the plateau just under the crater rim that we parked in last night.

Thrusters come online and the Phantom lurches skyward, I gain some forward momentum and then nose her to the stars, 3,2,1 engage, we are in super cruise moving away quickly. I align the hud and we make the first jump.

But this Krait is made to travel, so we are moving a looong way each jump. She fuels quickly with this huge scoop and never overheats. Jumps are one after the other and before I know it there are only 6 jumps to the destination. I make the last few jumps and per Jeans instructions I go back and verify the new systems monitor. Hmmmm, still not at the efficiency she was hoping for.

I transmit the data back to her and get a response back a few minutes later. She will have to look at this again and see what isn't right. She tells me she will contact me within the hour, so I go fix some lunch and relax for a bit.

Just over an hour later I get a long message with instructions for me to change some code here, go set this sensor to a different setting and adjust that sensor to this setting. I follow her instructions to the letter and report back when it is all completed. She verifies my work from my data sent to her and she clears me to head back to home.

I plot the return course, and start heading back towards Diaguandri. I make good progress but still not going to make it all in one afternoon, so I pick a nice place to settle down for the night.

Once on the planet surface, I send Jean the updated readouts from the monitor and it is starting to fall in line with her expectations, but again, she sends me instructions to change some code and to adjust a couple more sensors. I do as she asks and again send verification. But now it's dinner time for Bella and I have work to do. I head out in the SRV and gather some materials from the local geyser site. I need this stuff for various synthesis and projects that I am working on. I get back to the ship an hour later and make some nice baked sausages and mashed potatoes. It's a good hearty meal. After dinner Bella and I watch the sunset and then head off to bed.

Hopefully these latest adjustments will do the trick and Jeans new systems monitor will perform just as she wants it to. She is counting on this getting her the job in space systems engineering design that she wants so badly.

As for me, I am happy to help her in any way I can, besides, Bella and I are having fun on our little trip.
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