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Camper Van Beethoven / 12 Sep 3305
Ramblings of a baselessly terrified explorer

Today was more of the same old same old. It's starting to get dull and boring but at the distance I'm at its incredible that that's happening just now. In my previous log I stated that there seemed to be 2 types of Neutron stars: a violent and a gentle type. I was wrong about that. There are 3 types. The third type I found today made me literally shrink back in my seat. I DO NOT want to lose this ship and more importantly the universal cartographic data on it. So the more violent a storm seems, the more hesitant I am to just fly into it. This 3rd type is fascinating, beautiful and horrifying to me. This 3rd type is an EXTREMELY violent one. The oscillations around the center were so fast that at first my computer made it look like a bug in the game. I flew by it after the supercharge and got a closer look at it. The 3rd type rotates at like 30x the speed of the aforementioned "violent type" it was throwing off stardust WAYYYYYYY far away from the star. I was utterly terrified to enter the stream. Everything in me was telling me that if there was a neutron star out there that was going to kill me it was going to be this one. I did get through the supercharge (spoilers) and I left the system confused, bewildered, and wanting to see something like that again. Let me just say seeing that star evoked a sense of childlike wonder from me. When I came into the system my first reaction was for my jaw to immediately drop to the floor. Otherwise everything else was pretty standard. Thank god for music. 107/777 jumps completed only 670 more to go Kappa. o7
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CMDR Camper Van Beethoven
Explorer / Assassin
26 Sep 3305
Camper Van Beethoven
25 Sep 3305
Camper Van Beethoven
24 Sep 3305
Same old same old
Camper Van Beethoven
23 Sep 3305
I'm back
Camper Van Beethoven
14 Sep 3305
Camper Van Beethoven
12 Sep 3305
Ramblings of a baselessly terrified explorer
Camper Van Beethoven
11 Sep 3305
Camper Van Beethoven
10 Sep 3305
The Expedition Begins
Camper Van Beethoven
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