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SarcasticDragon / 13 Sep 3305
Treasure (Planet) and Lagoons

I don’t suppose any of you youngsters ever saw Treasure Planet, hm? A movie, back in the day, a spin on the classic story of Treasure Island, in SPAAAAAAACE (I’m not sorry). It enchanted me as a child, I couldn’t get enough of it. I’d like to see it again.

Why is this relevant? Well. There are many quotes I recall from that movie, but one of them, two sentences between two characters from a scene I find particularly captivating, goes as follows:

“The Lagoon Nebula?”
“But that’s... Halfway across the galaxy.”

The Lagoon Nebula. The first nebula I ever learned the name of, it holds a special place in my past. And that is where the relevance comes in, as I am currently camped out on a planet overlooking the Lagoon Nebula. Visually, it’s not particularly striking compared to any of the other nebulae I’ve seen, but the emotional connection is substantial.

Nevertheless, there is not much left for me to do here. My companion arrived in the nebula from his trip to Sagittarius A* and Colonia. We are set to head off after he and I have slept. However, I find myself unable to sleep, an unfortunately common phenomenon...

He can catch up. Probably.
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