Logbook entry

Boujuan / 15 Sep 3305
Caballeros de Sion rumbo a Beagle Point [Day 1]

Today I started the expedition with my Kraken. The idea was to depart from Benapus and arrive to Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15 where we would stay at the Omega Mining station for the first waypoint of the trip. Sadly I was a bit late and I missed the departure photograph with the group, but that did not stop me. I reached Omega Station around 7 pm.

During the transit I discovered several new systems and planets, including a couple water worlds with life! I also visited several impressive points of interest.

Location of all our fellow explorers at the start of the expedition:

My First Discovered Water World!

Things are getting hot here!

Omega mining station

The Black Secret Blackhole

Bleia Dryiae HF-W b35-1

Arrived in Lucifer's Lair planet with fellow commander Quios. The canyons there extend for hundreds of kilometers some with up to 20 km depth. I almost died there first in my buggy and second by crashing my ship against the canyon walls
The Devil's Lair

Then I went to a nearby base in this beautiful ringed white gas giant to repair

It is late now. Ready to sleep in this station and tomorrow will be another day.
Cmdr Boujuan, Signing off.
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