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Basestar / 16 Sep 3305
There And Back Again - Day 1

I'm not really one for writing down my feelings but I was told by an old deep space explorer I met in a bar in Lave that keeping a personal log of long solo expeditions is hands down on of the best ways to fight the isolation and "madness" you deal with after months out in the black. So here's my best shot at this.

It was too good of an offer to pass up. 5 billion, enough to buy and outfit a small fleet of Condas for personal use. Its just that, well I really have no idea what I am doing or where AEGIS they wants me to go, how long I'll be gone, or even everything I am able to say about this mission. According to the scant briefing I was given prior to launch from Schwann, I am needed to go into the core to observe and record data on various non-main sequence stellar objects and transmit all of my findings back to Tesreau directly. Unofficially, well I'm not sure how powerful AEGIS is, but I damn sure know when to keep my mouth shut. Especially since those credits would definitely help Dra and I start off our family. Last week she told me that she was pregnant, our first, don't know the sex yet. Even though I am a fairly successful trader, I have a lot of debts that I need to clear in order to give this kid the best life I can. So yeah, I guess you could say that I was fairly desperate when I took this job. I've never been a hundred light years from where I was born and now here I am fixing to go solo on a trip that could very well take me to the edges of the galaxy. What if I run into Thargoids? What if I run into something worse? Yeah I've heard the stories about the commanders going to Beagle, but who's to say they were just luck and didn't run into anything especially nasty out there.

The money, that's the main, or well, the only reason I agreed to this. I'm not an explorer, I run cargo back and forth between stations. But that payday, God that payday. I could be set for life and my children's children could be also. That's why I went and sold my Type-7 and everything in her and bought an exploration ready Anaconda. Had to take out a loan for the difference, but when I get back the amount should be more than enough to cover it, even with the interest. I told Dra all that I could and for now at least she seems ok with it, time will tell though. She said she's going to stay with some family in Tau Ceti until the baby comes. And yes, I made sure that she has more than enough credits for living and medical expenses. Had to take out another loan for that though.

Anyway, pre-flight is up in 15 and I need to take another look at the FSD on the Conda. It was acting up a little during my test flights and I need to make sure everything is running smoothly. I'll update when I'm next able.
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CMDR Basestar
Explorer / Trader
16 Sep 3305
There And Back Again - Day 1
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