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AustralianChaos / 19 Sep 3305
SuperNova Trek; Day 1 - Time Travellers

September 19, 3305
Day 1 - Time Travellers

Well, that break certainly lasted, didn’t it?

What can I say, being a star pilot isn’t a job to me, it’s a calling. You can’t keep me away from my fleet of ships, and you certainly can’t keep me from wandering the Bubble or venturing out into the black. I had genunely been set on taking a break from exploration voyages after my insane trek to Beagle Point and back, but my friend CMDR Piecey getting his independent pilot permit has seen this journey planned out and finally executed.I’ve spent a lot of the time since I returned home helping Piecey find his feet in this line of work, along with a few other Commanders, and together we’ve got him well established, and set up in a trusty Diamondback Explorer he has rigged for deep space exploration. But after some planning and charting I’ve worked out a short, easy journey to both give him a taste of venturing out beyond the reach of stations and security patrols, while also being close enough to hurry home should something go wrong.

The plan, therefore, is a simple journey that should only take three or four days, taking us to the supergiant VY Canis Majoris and back. This includes a few detours, as between the Bubble and the enormous star is the pocket of space that seems to have once been occupied by the Guardians. Considering all the useful tech that can be made from fragments of their stuff if you know the right people, it only made sense to also use this trip to help my friend aquire a Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster while we are out here.

So, we set off, comm systems winged up so we could track each other’s location across the trip, and were soon soaring for the guardian site I know of that could help provide the needed fragments and data. Despite the exhaustively long voyage to Beagle having ended less than a month ago, I was soon happily back in the rhythm of jumping and scanning. Being such a short trip, there was little of interest found, and pretty much everything out this way has already been mapped, regardless. Still, Piecey found a couple of water worlds, while I stumbled across some terraformable metallic ones, so it wasn’t a totally dull day.

Still, we reached the Guardian ruins without incident. Once there, however...it was an interesting time. I of course had taken my trusty Dolphin, the StarNova, on this voyage...but she was slightly modified from her last voyage. A pair of point defence systems on the roof, and a pair of small beam lasers fitted under the cockpit. Both set up in preparation for the automated sentinels that still roam those old ruins. We spent much of the day navigating the ruins, with me remaining in my ship to keep an eye on things from above, while Piecey used his Scarab rover to get in amongst the ruins.

It was sometimes frustrating, sometimes amusing. At one point Piecey’s Data Link Scanner seemed to stop working, leaving us worried he might have suffered a critical software malfunction that would necessitate either returning home, or come back to scavenge for Guardian data another day. Embarrassingly, it turned out he’d accidentally switched to his Composition Scanner and didn’t realise, despite both of us getting alerts his scanner was cataloguing composition data for both our codexes. But we laughed it off and sure enough we finished the day having gathered enough data and materials for him to take home. I know a technology broker back near home who’ll be happy to help provide schematics for a Frame Shift Drive Booster for him.

For now, though, our journey continues, and tomorrow we should easily reach VY Canis Majoris, barring any serious incidents. Until then, it’ll be a fun experience voyaging with a friend alongside me the whole way.

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off.
19/09/3305 0845
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