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Stephen Niemand / 19 Sep 3305
Eafots RX-T d3-3 (Salomé's World)

This system is located at: -5579.25 / 450.09375 / -5795.0625
Distance from your current position: 0.00 ly

Galactic coordinates: R: 8,056.883 / l: 136.087 / b: 3.202
Equatorial coordinates: Right ascension: 2h 51m 25.843s / Declination: 62° 58'4.740''

Reserve level: Pristine

Habitable zone:
Metal-rich body (2 to 23 ls), Earth-like world (360 to 539 ls), Water world (295 to 1,142 ls), Ammonia world (746 to 2,031 ls), Terraformable (280 to 559 ls)

Estimated value: 721,326 cr

Situated around 200 LYs above the mysterious Dynasty outposts of the Formidine Rift, this interesting system is thought to have been first discovered and tagged by CMDR Salomé (aka Lady Khahina) sometime in 3302 while she was (presumably) out in the rift looking for clues into the Exodus conspiracy.

The system contains many worlds but interestingly Salomé only scanned the two Ammonia worlds within the system - what was she looking for?

In early 3303, a CoR patrol passed through the system during the Dynasty base search and subsequently scanned some of the worlds Salomé had left untouched. Since then, several Rifters have visited the system and each claimed a world of their own.

Salomé was killed trying to expose the Exodus Conspiracy on 29th April 3303, so it is believed that this system and the worlds she scanned could be some of her final exploration-related discoveries.

Astrophotography by CMDR Saool

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CMDR Stephen Niemand
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19 Sep 3305
Eafots RX-T d3-3 (Salomé's World)
Stephen Niemand
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