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Neddanthewoodbox / 19 Sep 3305
Log 1 - Getting to this Point

Log 1 – September 19, 3305

A lot can change in four years.

I was 34 when I finally achieved my pilots license. The 10,000-credit loan for my first ship, a Sidewinder, nearly crippled me. I could barely even afford the fuel for my first job. If I remember correctly it was just some shitty salvaging contract, and looking back, I did not have a fucking clue what I was doing. As so many had told me, you don’t really start learning how to fly until you’re out in the void alone. Still, it got me started and earned me my first payday.

I was not a great pilot. I was barely an average one, but I must have done something right because I gained the trust of several influential clients, who offered me repeat business and for more credits each time. Before long, I was able to pay my loan back and I started to make a decent living.

Those days of hauling cargo seem a long time ago now, but looking back, it was the perfect way for me to learn the basics of spaceflight as well as racking up credits reasonably quickly.

As I worked, I’d visit various bars and cantina’s, and speak with other pilots and explorers, to absorb all the information I could. Finally, after grafting for months, I was able to purchase ‘Pegasus’, an A-rated Anaconda-class vessel. Instantly, it felt like a family member…still does.

I worked on ‘Pegasus’ night and day. She became my pride joy, and with the help of renown explorer and engineer, Felicity Farseer, I managed to push its Frame Shift Drive to previously unimaginable levels. With a jump range in excess of 70ly I felt I was ready for some serious space travel.

A sixth month expedition to ‘Beagle Point’ via ‘Sagittarius A’ saw my name speckled across the stars.  I like to think that the previously undiscovered worlds I encountered will one day be home to section of our ever-expanding human race.

This journey tested every part of me as pilot, not to mention my sanity. Landing on high gravity planets for vital resources without injuring Pegasus improved me as an aviator tenfold, especially during the later stages of my trip. My skills route planning, fuel scooping at speed and map navigation also benefited, as did my experience in escaping high pressure interdictions. Fuckin’ pirates! I despise them.

I won’t lie, on my return, the initial euphoria of being back in civilisation did not last long. Sometimes I felt more alone there than I did at ‘Beagle Point’.

I picked up jobs here and there until I finally decided to sign up for the Federal Navy.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, I quickly developed quite the reputation as an efficient and effective assassin– and I must admit, eliminating pirate scum is something I began to enjoy. My confidence grew and, dare I say, I developed into a decent little combat pilot. The Navy slowly started trusting me with higher value targets as time went by.

Fast forward to the present day and I write these words as a Rear Admiral in the Federal Navy, and proud captain of Zeus, a Corvette-Class warship. I’ve lost count of the number of enemies I’ve dispatched. I’m starting to worry that I don’t even worry about that anymore.

I still don’t consider myself to be a great pilot, but at least now I’m an experienced one, and I guess in this universe, that counts for a lot.

The Federation still give me enough freedom to follow my own pursuits when I feel the need, and so I can still pickup independent contracts from time to time. I may even take another expedition outside of populated space sometime soon.
Right now, however, space feels like powder-keg waiting to explode. Tensions between The Federation and Empire appear to be escalating and I seem to be fighting in more and more intense conflicts. The recent Thargoid menace seems to have done little to simmer tensions down.

This is the reason I have decided to start log. God knows how long my luck will stretch, and I want to leave behind some token of my existence before I predictably die in space.

Strange as it sounds, I want fight for peace, and I am prepared to perish for it.

I fight for the values of Shadow President, Winters. That is my Federation and the Federation I choose to fight for.
The idea of us succumbing to the ideals of The Empire repulses me and I will do all I can to avert this peril.

If I expire out in the black, let it be for the right reasons.

Here begins my story.

End of Log: September 19, 3305
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CMDR Neddanthewoodbox
Federal agent / Bounty hunter
19 Sep 3305
Log 1 - Getting to this Point
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