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Anton Kring / 19 Sep 3305
Not Easy

Today I went to help a friendly faction with some manpower. I was called by a friend who said that they needed a pilot with a good medium-sized ship for clearing out some pirates and delivering data to nearby systems.

I went ahead and accepted a few of these missions. The data deliveries went uneventfully. The first group of pirates was flying Anacondas and a Federal Corvette, which provided no challenge to my heavily engineered Krait Phantom. Four of one of the pirate's minions kept interdicting my ship trying to protect their boss. These low-rank pirates met their demises one by one under fire from my burst lasers and lead from my multicannons before their boss finally got it.

Boglarka, the last pirate, was a different beast. She was flying a Fer-de-Lance with an unbelievably tough escort of armed and well-engineered Vultures. Although they took some time getting through my Phantom's shields, they quickly did my armor in. I woke up with hell of a headache at a nearby station where I signed the insurance papers and took delivery of a ship exactly like the one I just lost down to the paintjob and engineering minutiae. The insurance company took a large sum and salvaged everything of value from my wreck as it is customary. I kissed a few million credits in bounty vouchers goodbye.

I went out again to get Boglarka. This time the outcome would be very different. As soon as I found her trying to attack a lightly defended transport ship I peppered one of her Vulture escorts with laser bursts. That got their attention. All of them started chasing my ship. I boosted away long enough that the Vultures could not keep up. They eventually dropped pursuit and jumped into supercruise. It was the Fer-de-Lance alone against my Krait Phantom in the end. After what seemed like forever I managed to take down her shields while mine were still at more than two thirds strength. Then I took her power plant, at which point she started limping away while I was hammering her ship with all my firepower. It didn't take long to explode.

Goodbye Boglarka.
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