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Jonny_saturn / 20 Sep 3305
Turning in towards the core

I reached the Perseus Arm sector and from there, started to head inwards towards the Galactic Core. By changing the navigation filter to include non-sequence stars, I started to make slightly faster progress with the occasional boosted jump from neutron stars. Its not something I like doing though, one slip and I feel I could end my trip very quickly. Then there is all of the radiation those things spew out to consider, along with huge magnetic forces. Very beautiful though.

The ship was making some funny noises after several FSD over-charges, and the FSD itself was starting to play up, going offline and online again and again. So I decided to get the AMFU working and looked through my modules to see what the general state of things was. Worst effected was the FSD drive at around 75%, with the power distributer also down. I was also glad to catch the canopy health reading at a similar level, so thought it prudent to get this repaired. Life support of 20 minutes or so is pretty useless in space when you are over 5000 Ly from a station with a blown canopy. If the FSD plays up at 75%, my thinking was that the canopy may also have a small chance of failure at this level.

After this impromptu maintenance check, I carried on making my way inwards towards the core, the density of the stars increasing all the time, with dark Nebula floating about here and there in the distance.

An amazing sight - the collapsed core of a large star. They're only a few kilometres in diameter, but there is about as much mass packed into that space as there is in the whole of the Sol system, including the sun. The sub atomic particles are forced together under gravity so much that the density is comparable to that of an atomic nucleus. And with that thought in mind, I eject from my cargo a weeks worth of rubbish and human waste, towards the star. I didn't think anyone would mind.

On the way in towards the core
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