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Arne S. Saknussemm / 20 Sep 3305
The journey began. And Ended.

Finally, I was out of the nest.

The birth is always a moment of wonder and discover. The rebirth of a new pilot makes no difference.
My first steps out of the womb didn't work as expected though. Or maybe they did, all things considered.

A brand new loaned ship, some credits waiting for you just next door and life seemed so easy. Boldly flying to the first destination of a marvelous journey I felt on top of the world. The galaxy was, once again, my playground.

After so many years away from it, I was finally stepping again on the infinite stage of the Void to play my part of the great play of galactic civilization. Everything looked different from my childhood memories: no more empty lines and pitch black background. Now my eyes saw bright colours, slender ship's frames, familiar orbital shapes, menacing and at the same time inviting distant celestial bodies.
The vastness of the Void.
The call of the Black.
The wonder was overwhelming.

Like riding a bicycle, to pilot a spaceship is something you never really forget. I was swiftly gaining confidence with the new systems and interfaces and I was steadily making short but growing in confidence jumps here and there to collect the first credits when a sudden awakening brought me "back on Earth".

Damn' pirate. I didn't see him coming. I didn't see him firing. In a blink of an eye I was abruptly drag out of my arrogance and set adrift into an escape pod...

I died as fast as I was born.

(to be continued)
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CMDR Arne S. Saknussemm
Trader / Explorer
10 Oct 3305
We live in wonderful times
Arne S. Saknussemm
08 Oct 3305
Life in the Black, so far.
Arne S. Saknussemm
25 Sep 3305
Keep going, pal!
Arne S. Saknussemm
20 Sep 3305
The journey began. And Ended.
Arne S. Saknussemm
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