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Alex Reyes / 01 Oct 3305
Message Home: See you soon!

>>Comms Uplink Established...
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//Bay 14, Mother Gaia Transit Lobby, Deck C4
//Galileo Station, Earth Orbit, Sol

Hi guys. Just a quick update before I ship out. The transport leaves in about an hour. Wanted to let you know I got up here alright. First of our family to set foot in space, eh? That's a mad one to think about. Anyway, I wanna thank you all for being so understanding. A farmhand's life is just not for me, I waited around all day seeing the haulers come and go from orbit. Wondering what those pilots will see, even if it's just trucking cabbage from some warehouse in Cheshire to a haulage vessel in orbit, I bet it's one hell of a way to see the world. You can blame dad for letting me fly his CX-40 to dust the crops.

It's really cold up here. And getting used to the variations in gravity is going to take some time. But I'm not scared, or worried. I'm excited. I can look out the bay windows and see Earth there drifting calmly through space, and in the same view I can see the moon so up close and detailed. I grew up seeing that big rock from so far away, and to see it up close is- well, it's truly something. Yes I know it's big and it's scary: Thargoids, pirates, and all that. But the sector I'm heading to is owned by the Pilot's Federation, and you've definitely heard of the kind of security they have to throw around. Anyway, you said this is about me finding out who I am, and more importantly who I want to be. So I'll keep that with me, always. I've got a suitcase of memories to keep me reminded of where I come from, I'm still a northern lad at heart, though I'm definitely going to miss mum's roast dinners.

As soon as I arrive I've got an induction and accreditation session, and I'll be issued my first ship. It's only a loaner, a little DeLacey Sidewinder like they used to have in the old days. So no chances of me doing anything crazy for a while yet. It'll probably take a week for the checks and everything to go through anyway, so I'll have plenty of time to make myself at home before setting out into space long-term. Anyway, they've just called for boarding, so I'm gonna head out. I'll let you know when I arrive, though it may take a while for the transmission to arrive. The PF will ping you if something happens though, they take their security very seriously out here, and we've got a wing convoy meeting us at Okinura to take us through Imperial space. Should take a day or two, there are a few stop-offs on the route to pick up other recruits and supplies.

Anyway, take care of yourselves. And tell Carys her big brother loves her, and maybe I'll bring her back a souvenir from Eravate. If she stays in school, that is.


>>Uplink Closed...
>>End of Transmission.
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Message Home: See you soon!
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