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Alex Reyes / 02 Oct 3305
Personal Log: In Transit.

>>Comms Uplink Established...
>>Begin Recording...

//Cabin A-204
//Transit Hauler PF-204 "PFS Long Star"
//Okinura System Shipping Lane

Okay, so. First personal log. We've been in space a day now, and I've not really left my bunk. I'm still learning a bit about all the ships out here. We're currently in a Lakon Type-9, its owned by the Pilot's Federation and has been retrofitted for bulk passenger transit. A rickety old bucket of bolts with a salty crew who I'd doubt have ever set foot on a planet with more than half Earth's gravity. But at least I get my own cabin. So far we diverted back towards Tau Ceti to pick up some supplies from Taylor Colony, and we've just departed Okinura after collecting some more recruits. I haven't really had the chance to introduce myself to any of them. I figured there'll be plenty of time for that once we reach the Pilot's Federation District. It's only been up and running for about a month now, but rumour has it they were working on this training district project for years, and kept absolute secrecy a priority until it was nearly ready. Seems heavily guarded though, once the PF determine you're worth a ranking in one of their classifications, your ship computer permanently locks you out. So no chance of running into any overly zealous pirates for a while at least.

Anyway, I'm getting used to the gravity fluctuations, and at least the ships have better heating than the station docking bays I've seen so far. I keep thinking though, this is probably the furthest from home anyone in my family has ever been. They all grew up on Earth, never left, and were happy enough farming for the last few centuries at least. Apparently my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather was a Spanish aristocrat who bought some land outside Manchester. Fresh arable land is pretty hard to come by these days on Earth, especially on a small island like Britain, so he must have been well heeled. Apparently the cities used to be way smaller, and Liverpool and Manchester were separate cities entirely, bordered by miles of farmland! I've seen the old holos showing what it used to look like, old brick buildings and wide open spaces. And now here I am. Born and raised in an agricultural processing unit in the North of England, sailing through the star light years from home. It's pretty mind-boggling.

We'll be passing through some Imperial sectors soon, we have a Federal wing escort at the moment and they'll be handing us over to the Imperial security services once we make our next jump. They'll see us along the rest of our journey and we should be docking in the Pilot's Federation District tomorrow morning. I'll make another log once I've gotten through all the paperwork and registration sessions. It's gonna be a busy couple of days until I even get in the cockpit, but we'll be going through some brief orientation and simulation sessions tonight and tomorrow before we hit port. Then I've just got one or two assessment sessions before they hand over the keys to my ship. Think I'll name her after my little sister, Carys. I think she'd like the idea of her name whizzing through deep space.

Right, time to sign off. Canteen's just opened for grub. Dunno when the next time I'll get to eat real chicken will be.

>>Uplink Closed...
>>End of Transmission.
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CMDR Alex Reyes
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07 Oct 3305
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Alex Reyes
02 Oct 3305
Personal Log: In Transit.
Alex Reyes
01 Oct 3305
Message Home: See you soon!
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