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Alex Reyes / 05 Oct 3305
Personal Log: Finally a Commander!

>>Comms Uplink Established...
>>Begin Recording...

//Pilot Lobby F28, Docking Bay 3
//Mawson Dock
//Dromi System, Pilot's Federation District

Well, you're now looking at an accredited Commander of the Pilot's Federation. Or well- uh, reading it. I just finished my evaluation and after some signing of documents they finally handed me the keys to my very own Sidewinder. I'm sat in the pilot's lobby outside the docking bay, and I've not even set foot inside my ship yet. Not that I need to, the past two days have been simulations upon simulations. So much so I feel I know the ship inside out already. Shouldn't take me long to get acclimatised to the old girl. I just finished reading a transmission from home, apparently Carys is ecstatic that I'm naming my ship after her. Need to put a neat spin on the name though, so I was thinking "Regina Carys", because she's always been my little queen, and this ship is bound to be as well!

This is going to be a short log only, I'm itching to get into the cockpit and get out there. I've picked up a few short haulage contracts to start me up, shouldn't take too long to build up a nice little nest egg for my next ship. But first, let's just go out and enjoy the vastness of it all. The pure, untapped potential of deep space. Even as we've settled amongst countless systems and colonised our little corner of the galaxy, it amazes me that there's still so much out there left to explore! So, I'm gonna sign off for now. I'll log in again when I set down in port for the night. See how my first day goes.

Until then,
CMDR Alex Reyes.

>>Uplink Closed...
>>End of Transmission.
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CMDR Alex Reyes
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Alex Reyes
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Alex Reyes
01 Oct 3305
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Alex Reyes
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