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Ravos Longknife / 07 Oct 3305
Hey Trev...

....<new vid entry>....

....<initialize vid recording software>....

....<begin recording>....

>>07 October, 3305. 0141 Local.
>>Tavares Point, Elysia.
>>>>INV-Kite, [KIT-71].

Hey brother, I know this is really last second, but I'm headed off for a while.

No, I don't know when I'll be back. No, I can't and won't tell you where I'm going or why I'm going there.

Look man, last time this happened, I left you back on Landra One, and I regret that, but I promise I'm coming back. Your dumbass couldn't survive a week without me there to wash the dishes. [chuckles loudly]

[comes on screen with a serious look]

Trevor, IF, I don't make it back for some reason, or I get killed, someone from the Legion will come by and let you know. If that happens, there is a box at the top of my closet, its full of junk from my travels and the stupid shit we did growing up, If I don't come back, I want you to have it.

[turns away from the camera, ship noises begin to whir in the background]

I've taken the liberty of paying the full rent up for the rest of the year, both of our portions...

Until next time...See you, Space Cowboy...

[walking towards the bridge]

"Greetings commander..."

Celeste, plot course for [REDACTED]. Request immediate departure clearance, priority BAKER, then take us out and engage the FSD when ready. Send that vid to Trevor, redact any classified information.

....<end recording>....
....<entry saved>....

...<export_to: mathhis_trevor@TPmechs.net>....


....message sent successfully!....

....<end process>....
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CMDR Ravos Longknife
Freelancer / Patreus sentinel
09 Oct 3305
Ravos Longknife
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Ravos Longknife
07 Oct 3305
Hey Trev...
Ravos Longknife
07 Oct 3305
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23 Sep 3305
Home Sweet Home
Ravos Longknife
23 Sep 3305
So, I'm back, thats new...I guess?
Ravos Longknife
05 Dec 3304
Diverted to L.L.G. Landra One.
Ravos Longknife
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