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Karina Forlon / 07 Oct 3305
Into the Core

Note: this article contains often references to the biography of Karina.

Karina was very nervous when she entered offices of her father in Yaroklis system. It was quite unusual state for her, but she spent enough time already with thinking about what she is doing and what she want. Local security system was active and it meant that he is not here ... it was quite a relief for her, she had fear, despite all previous support, that he may try to persuade her to abandon her's idea about going into black. In the centre of a large, modern office, was placed big wooden desk. Karina headed for it without hesitation and put on it an short hand-written letter:

Hello, Father,

I decided to leave the Bubble and visit the Colonia region. We both knew that it will happen one day. I will try to stay in touch and will send you messages at times using Colonia connection stations. Felicia's workshop is my first stop for few latest equipment upgrades and then proceed to Mammon frontier system and its base in asteroid ... from there starts my journey to the core. When I get back, we'll have a lot to discuss.

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CMDR Karina Forlon
Freelancer / Courier
07 Oct 3305
Into the Core
Karina Forlon
03 Dec 3304
Raiders disrupting rescue operation
Karina Forlon
25 Nov 3304
Progress - Combat & Mining
Karina Forlon
12 Aug 3304
Karina Forlon
08 Jul 3304
Karina Forlon
26 Jun 3304
First steps
Karina Forlon
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