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Karellan Clarke / 08 Oct 3305
Alchita, Mc Feetus & The Shuffle

Personal Log 3305 Oct 8th

Recently I have been traveling through the bubble in the U.S.S. Spankster, gradually upgrading it with the assistance of my engineering contacts. I stop off at notable locations along the way, helping out where I see fit with raids, wars and pirates, all in support of causes that appear to align with my convictions. Really though, my squadron-less mercenary actions amount to nothing more then a drop in the ocean...and if I am being completely honest, my motivations maybe more selfish then altruistic.

After a poor outing in a CONFLICT ZONE I decided to meet with DIDI and SELENE to improve my shield/hull resistances. Checking the galaxy map I saw that there was a war taking place in the nearby ALCHITA system, so I headed there first with redemption on my mind.

After dropping in I immediately made my way to the closest high intensity CZ. Here I found two FEDERATION factions vying against each other; one Corporate, the other Democratic. As usual I sided with the Democrats, although since virtually any political position can be democratically determined, what was I really fighting for? My 'just cause' was only a shallow veneer for my desire to boost an injured pride. Perhaps fittingly so, it had the opposite effect.

As the battled started to heat up I targeted an opposing KRAIT MII as it entered my FOV. Old habits die hard. As before I neglected to look at my radar which clearly showed this to be a hollow triangle. I only picked up on this when I noticed the strange behavior of my enemy. There was very little evasive maneuvering or response. The ship mostly hung there as I pelted it at close range. Now I have seen this before at installations raids, but never in a CZ.

As it seemed CMDR ROO TOO was not interested in a fight I decided to leave my fellow PF member alone and move on to other more engaging targets. The skirmish continued another 5 minutes or so with no sign of ROO TOO, so I decided to send a him a 'friendly' message. I opened the COMMS to see that ROO TOO was now the second CMDR on the list of recent contacts...the first was CMDR YEETUS MC FEETUS!

I immediately looked at my radar to see a hollow triangle moving in my direction. Could this be coincidence? Neither party had indicated anything in the comms. I found another enemy target away from the fray and moved towards it, acting as oblivious as possible just to confirm the new CMDRs intentions. Well soon there was no doubt. Once YEETUS was within 3km range he/her/zim/it (?) starting firing away at me.

During my previous battles my shields had taken a bit of a beating, but I turned toward my attacker anyway to get a scan. YEETUS was an EXPERT ranked pilot, flying a CUTTER, using what appeared to be gimballed incendiary MC's and rails. My shields quickly sank as I made a pass. I was able to maintain 2 beams on target during the flyby but barely registered a dimming of the first rung. This was hopeless, which is exactly what I typed in the Comms looking for some kind of response...nothing.

I thought maybe I could escape to another section of the battle, but within a short period that empty triangle appeared once again in the radar, lumbering towards me like a sumo wrestler intent on bumping me out the ring. For kicks I made one more sweep passed the large imposing phallus which swiftly dropped my hull below 50% integrity. This excursion was finished. With my pride lowered even further then when I first arrived, I sunk my tail between my legs and skipped off to a nearby system.

Now I have to say that it was more then just my ineptness that left me with a sour taste here. ROO TOO clearly tattled on me, despite my obvious intention to leave him alone, and at no point did either party even attempt to contact me.

Not long afterwards I made it back to ALCHITA with the resistance upgrades I had sought, but there were no signs of my opponents or any other CMDRs for that matter. Despite this I have now added ALCHITA to my 'locations of interest' and plan to drop in again sometime in the near future. Here is hoping for another stimulating encounter, MC FEETUS.


On a side note I have witnessed a strange phenomena recently. I am sure many CMDRs are familiar with what I call the 'displacement shakes'. A juddering dance observed while in Supercruise when a nearby ship begins to jump and skip in an erratic way. Some analysts have attributed this to internal errors in the FSD, prompting many pilots to have their ships inspected at great personal cost. Yet these problems still persist, which makes me think that something much greater may be going on...

Now I have observed a somewhat similar effect in regular space. An impossibly rapid shuffling maneuver that has no rational explanation; and I have the pictures to prove it! Disruptions in the space-time continuum? Inter-dimensional conflicts? The flaws of the great designer? Who can say?

Do you like it?

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