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Freeman D Lowell / 07 Oct 3305
Drifting in a sea of stars.

Commanders Log.

I'm currently on board the Thunderchild, making a few upgrades before rejoining a Terran Colonial Forces wing to support an independent faction.  

My ship is currently drifting, down to minimal fuel, awaiting support.  Unfortunately, without an escort to Deciat for power plant upgrade, I was attacked without warning by two other commanders.  The Thunderchild's shields held up for the first couple of volleys of rail gun fire but she sustained 20% hull damage before I could high-wake out of the system.  I executed what I call Hyperspace Bingo; picking a random system to escape to!  My luck had held up against the other commanders, but ran out when I exited hyperspace in a system with just a single star and no stations.  

I've contacted my squadron and requested support.  I don't want to risk making the 10 light year jump to Kremata and run out of fuel before I make it to the station there.  Fortunately for me, one of my regular squadron wingmates - Cmdr. Eyleen - is able to divert from the current objective and bring fuel limpets to ensure I'm not stranded.  I've dropped out of frame shift and disengaged my FSD and thrusters until she arrives.  I just hope the two hostile commanders that jumped me in Deciat haven't scanned my wake and set a course to this system to finish me off.

Once I've refuelled, I'm going to try and return to Deciat and upgrade the Thunderchild's power plant.  I must confess, I was sceptical about the Type 10, but the current loadout of turreted lasers, multicannons and some gimballed corrosive frag cannons have narrowly kept this ship as my combat flagship ahead of my corvette, Vendetta.  Hell, if she can keep me alive with 79% hull against an FDL and a Krait when under attack from what younger pilots call "gankers", then she will have a special place in my heart for some time to come.

Cmdr. Eyleen and Cmdr. Bia Ros have just refuelled me - what can I say - how's that for teamwork?!  I owe them both one!
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Freeman D Lowell
07 Oct 3305
Drifting in a sea of stars.
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Freeman D Lowell
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