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Eviljackcarver / 08 Oct 3305
Trader's log - 8.Oct 3305

8th October 3305—

Been trying to get back behind the helm of Hera's Dream, look into hauling a bit more cargo. I've kitted her out to be able to hold a little over 700 tonnes, give or take. I could probably get her to hold more, but then I'd have to look into ditching my shield generator or my auto-dock apparatus.

Also got thumbing through GalNet's economics page, and I think I found me a route to test her out on. Maps say Osanartar and Meene are about 35,3 light-years apart, so not really so far to be bothersome - three, maybe four jumps.

OriginDestinationGoodsBuy @Sell @Profit/tonne +/-Running total
Ayton Innes Pt. @ OsanartarFelice Dock @ MeenePolymers1258'7708'6458'645
Felice Dock @ MeeneAyton Innes Pt. @ OsanartarBertrandite2'6003'1255259'170

6419000 /trip

This is far more profitable for me than bounty hunting, assuming I can get a full load each time. I may have to set the Fancy Footwork aside and do some heavy hauling, get a bit more for a heavier assault vessel...

The downside to this is that the trip itself is at least 3 jumps, maybe 4, depending on fuel. This means I'll have to be on my toes for those young 'uns that just want someone to test their interdictors out on. Let's just hope piracy's fairly low these days...

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CMDR Eviljackcarver
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08 Oct 3305
Trader's log - 8.Oct 3305
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