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Arne S. Saknussemm / 08 Oct 3305
Life in the Black, so far.

Well, after a troubled start and some drawbacks here and there, I can finally say that things are turning in the right way, for me and my little fleet.

The Sidie and the Cobra have now three little sisters: a nice, slender looking Dolphin, an ugly Vulture with an attitude (a bad, bad one, if you ask me) and a clever bookworm, a DB Exp still in the original delivery box (hadn't the time to check her, yet).

The Dolphin is outstanding.
So easy to outfit, she comes with a very low budget investment and with a couple of relaxed VIPs trips you are back with the money and already in a positive trend. And the VIPs love her! Every time I go to the Passenger Lounge they stick their neck out to take a long look at her and are ready to open their wallet to fly to the other side of the Bubble (and back). Just choose wisely who you want on board and cash will start rolling in, pals!

But strolling spoiled people around is only half of the fun. Relaxed, happy passengers that have no time constrains allowed me to explore almost every system along the route, turning the payment for the chauffer service into a tip for the big money I made with all those exploration data. Ka-ching! $$$

And the added value of these trips is that I finally managed to do proper fuel scooping without scorching my "other facial" hair... I know, I know: fuel scooping is not rocket science (oh, well, it actually is, btw) but I was really bad to it. The Cobra was roasting even before starting the approach to the stars and that was undermining my confidence... The Dolphin, however, swims through the stars' coronae like - oh my, this is really a bad one, I beg your pardon - a dolphin playing in the waves. I felt happy and proud of that little streamlined ship.

So far, the best ship for me.

So, the last few days I was able to actually double my bank account and I had a party in the shipyard, buying the Vul and the DB Exp... Ka-ching again but on the way out, this time XD
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CMDR Arne S. Saknussemm
Explorer / Trader
24 Oct 3305
The Void is so full...
Arne S. Saknussemm
10 Oct 3305
We live in wonderful times
Arne S. Saknussemm
08 Oct 3305
Life in the Black, so far.
Arne S. Saknussemm
25 Sep 3305
Keep going, pal!
Arne S. Saknussemm
20 Sep 3305
The journey began. And Ended.
Arne S. Saknussemm
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