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Flemish Jack / 09 Oct 3305
Pegasus Run 3305 - Day 10

17:40:11 10-08-05

Ready to knock out the last leg of the run back to Base Camp.  Was able to get the radio back up and running.  Not sure what I did, but it's working now.  Could have been system updates or something needed to be grounded by me.  Either way, it works which is critical for sanity's sake.'

22:19:14 10-08-05

"Gutayama Foxtrot-Lima-Echo Heavy, you are cleared on pad two-three."  

Made it to Base Camp in Soul.  I don't plan on staying for long, still got a long haul back out to WP#2.  That said, I will be glad to see people.

As per the usual sold some navigation data to the locals.  Apparently my efforts have been rewarded with the offer of an alliance with the Soul Nebula Mining Partners.  Works for me.  This far out you need as many friends as you can get.  Reckon I'm going to put roughly 500 light years between me and my new friends and set her down and get some sleep.  The rum still isn't rum yet, so I'm going to have go to sleep the old fashioned way.

OH YEAH, I bought a plant.  You can see the little guy in the image above.  I figured as I couldn't keep my little DBX alive for the expedition I'll give a tiny and hardy plant a shot.  I really hope it survives the expedition (me too).  Maybe it'll even grow.  That would be cool.

23:51:23 10-08-05

Made the distance and fired up the old FSS scanner to find a nice little rocky body up close to rest my gear and lo and behold, potentially discovered a Water World.  Of course.  Got so excited started the run back to Base Camp to claim it and remembered the Base Camp Potato is roughly 144k light seconds from the main star so nope.  I'll risk not getting credit.  Time for sleep.  After the adrenaline wore off I realized I'm exhausted.  Another 100 jumps in a day is hard.

Fly safe commanders.

Flemish Jack - OUT
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