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Jimjamborino / 09 Oct 3305
Lost in Space

Captains log,

It’s been 3 days since I split ways with the squad. It was sad to see the squad in its state of being. Then again as lonely as space is.. i see why many have decided to give up flying and have their own life, get married, and live in the citadel. I guess I’ve been blessed to have the best of both worlds. A lovely wife who loves space as much as i do and together we can travel the stars in their infiniteness. I’m not exactly sure where we are going. I do know we need to work on engineering our shields and defenses. I also know we wouldn’t mind finding a home we can fly in and out of. Some where with a good squad to fly around and support a common goal. Survival. I worry with the food shortage how it will effect the bubble. We really need to find a means of being able to land on an atmospheric world to gather food, build new stations to harvest food and then be able to take food to the bubble again. I guess only time will tell. All i do know is, the mirror to look behind us is small for a reason. We aren’t meant to look back as much as we are supposed to look ahead through the big windshield. When one door closes, a new one opens and with that.. let’s move forward.

This is commander Jimjamborino
Signing off
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CMDR Jimjamborino
Enforcer / Explorer
09 Oct 3305
Lost in Space
07 Jun 3305
Star Date 6/7/3305
31 May 3305
Stardate 5-30-3305
28 May 3305
Star Date 05/27
27 May 3305
Phone Home 5-27
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