Logbook entry

Rex-Cramer / 09 Oct 3305
Gone to the core: Be back in... whenever :)

Crossed a few milestones recently.  Pilots Federation sent me a gold pen and cheap 'fancy' holo-watch for hitting trade and exploration elite rank.  Don't know how elite it really is if damn near everyone has it.  Well, they will look good in the bottom of my junk-drawer i'm sure.

On a more substantial note: our operation topped cr 1B last week.  It's funny when I took off in that Sidewinder the first time I never imagined really being sucessful, much less, hitting 1B in a lifetime.  The local resource market has been really good to us. Since hitting that reserve mark we've upgraded some modules in our Annie, Narada, and those are a pretty penny.  We've also sold off the old Asp Explorer and outfitted a new Krait Phantom, Icarus, for work as a deep space explorer.  With careful sizing of modules and cutting weight where we could it's got a jump range that approaches our DBX and has the added benefit of being fun to fly.

Lately however, markets have been paying poorly and runs are pulling in about 1/2 of what they were.  Kaylen and I decided it was a good time to take a vacation.  She's hopping a megaship back to the bubble for a few weeks to visit family. She has a friend that can get her passage.  I'm taking Icarus out to the core.  I've come this far what's another 20,000LY round trip!  Next stop, Explorer's Anchorage.  

We should be back in operation in a few weeks.  For now, it's on to Sag A!
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