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Veteran90 / 09 Oct 3305
Pastures New log #1

Many a Commander have I winged up with but only a few tend to stay in touch, maybe they have settled on a planet somewhere focused on some videogame. I enjoy everything being a Cmdr offers from, Gathering mats, discovering and more serious tasks like fighting for freedom.

But recently I have joined the Wayward Aviator Solar Praetorian Squadron as they are the type of people that are committed to improving this cut-throat galaxy to benefit the good. Their Morales are sound and their motivations are just. It's great to be a part of a purpose with like minded people from various backgrounds. Even my Fighter pilot was once a slave in a controversial but beautiful system -Nu Horologii- so variety for me is a great way to learn best practises.

The experience in this Squadron is very impressive and professional which benefits me as knowledge is key. Help when help is needed and advice etc. 

I was chatting to a local chef in WASP's home system and he was overjoyed they have took over the system because before WASP arrived it was full of corruption and greed. "Now it seems, things are better. Even the people seems happier" and are now able to focus on important matters. 

I aim to fulfill my potential and exceed my expectations in WASP. With us recently getting a total victory in a civil war things are looking good. I'm building rapport with my Squaddies. Top Secret training is something I'm looking forward to. As this is a public log I cannot disclose what this involves. 
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CMDR Veteran90
Special agent / Freedom fighter
17 Nov 3305
Progression is beautiful
09 Oct 3305
Pastures New log #1
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