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Marlfan1 / 09 Oct 3305
Double your pleasure, Double your fun!

WHHOOO WEEEE!   YES!   Well, that sure was one sweet side benefit to getting my Gauss cannons!  

The trip out and back with all it's associated honks, FSS's and Mapping finally pushed me into Elite in Exploration!  
I am now a Double Elite, and Expert in Combat.

I Bought a new Krait MK II and christened her with the moniker, "Bug B Gone".  4 Gauss Cannons, a Remote Release Flak Launcher, Military Grade Engineered armor, a boat load of engineered Hull reinforcements, A Decon Limpet, a repair limpet, an AFMU, and an Clean Drive Engineered class A Thruster with Thermal Vent to help with heat, and a Class A shield with resistance augmentation should help me deliver my introduction.  Hope quite a few agree to sign my dance card!  

Got a couple of Squadron mates, Endboss_X and RoloTheAppollo inviting me out to join their dance party.

 Time to give a little payback to those bugs for what they did to my family at Fafner, in Jotun.  To quote an old Earther Western, "I'm a commin', an' HELL's  a commin' with me!"
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02 Sep 3305
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29 Aug 3305
27 Jun 3305
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20 Jun 3305
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18 Jun 3305
Close, but no Cigar!
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