Logbook entry

LilAngel / 09 Oct 3305
long journey preparation

...<initiating log records>....

>>10 October, 3305. 0707 Local.
>>Feynman Terminal, Bhutas.

10 years in deep space, and for what? mining and getting richer, and spend it all on women and booze
that's not a life but rather a punishment, nothing to look for in the future, no dreams no nothing, I only have 1 road from the asteroids ring to the selling station and back again and again the only action I see is from pirates who from time to time go after my haul and even then, I'm not satisfied because I feel like I'm slowly dying and losing my soul piece by piece inside those bulkheads .

that's why I've decided to drop it all and do what I was destined to do and was afraid to do it.
i've always been fascinated by space and what it holds as mysteries. always wanted to explore the far reaches of it and uncover its hidden mysteries i mean i still think that the thagroid are not even real but a myth or a pirate faction scaring people 10 years in space and never met one. but I guess life happened and dropped everything.

come to think of it, I even forgot to do my logbook, like this is my 1st entry since forever but this is all gonna change as I've decided to undertake the journey I dreamt of when I was a kid and discover it all.

so now I'm docked at Feynman terminal, and I'm about to head over to sol. I wanna visit my home one last time before undertaking this long journey, no one knows what's going to happen to me or will i ever be back from it .

....<recording stopped>....

....<entry saved into datacore>....
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