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Groove U / 10 Oct 3305
003 - Scylla and Charybdis

Oh, hi.

I feel like I haven't registered anything here in ages... And I should. Like every day.
I have plenty of time as I'm sitting here on the cockpit of my T9 while all these crates are being loaded to the cargo bay...
Watch them come, watch them go... The endless cycle of a hauler's life. What can I say?

Cargo loading break. Time to do some paperwork and relax. Wait... Where is my coffee?

Approximately 700 tons of programme materials. It seems that Princess Duval loves to promote her ways through the galaxy.
As long as it works for her and I get my cut, that's fine by me. I swore to honour her until the last day of my life and there are no regrets.

Earlier today, I had one of these moments where you just feel like you could die. Maybe that's why I decided to write down these words.
I'm not a huge fan of atmospheric airspace... I'm an Interstellar guy. Anything lower than orbital flight level is an alien space to me.
But I need to tune some of my gear and the only way to achieve that is through surface mining.

Today I was in the Red Bones having a few drinks (My favorite Bar in Medupe City, you will always find me there when I'm not flying).
I met this Private Fleet pilot named Earl and mentioned about how desperate I am to find some Selenium so I can upgrade the prismatic shields of my Cutter, so he gave me me the coordinates of this planet... Just 20 LY away from Cubeo. I will call it "Planet poop" for now.

Took my Keelback equipped with a SRV Hangar and headed towards the given coordinates.

The gravity was overwhelming and I struggled a little bit to land but I made it.
This planet's surface stinks so bad that even inside the sealed cabin of my SRV I could still feel the horrible smell of it.
It's a mix of burning sulfur and old Grandma's fart.

It took me a few minutes to find the first vein, but I must thank Earl later. I found most of what I needed.
My engineer will be very happy to know that he has tons of work to do this week.

Returning to base after a long day spent on planet poop.

As I'm coming home, something strange happened.
A wing of Hudson commanders pulled me out of Supercruise and violently assaulted my ship for no reason at all.
I mean, I'm Duval. They know it. But here in Cubeo? Really?

After exchanging fire for half a minute I had to bail. 3v1 on a Keelback. I know my odds and I couldn't really win that one.

This system used to be safer... I feel like something is about to happen. Or maybe something is happening.
These Hudson pigs will have what they deserve soon. I just need to finish all the fine adjustments I planned for the Valorian Glory.

That's it for now.
Do you like it?

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CMDR Groove U
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14 Oct 3305
005 - The humanitarian grind
Groove U
10 Oct 3305
003 - Scylla and Charybdis
Groove U
23 Aug 3305
001 - Nobilis Reditus
Groove U
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