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CMDR Jokerman / 10 Oct 3305
Just another 24 mil odd

I think I'm falling foul of the rat race (and no insult intended to rats).

I'm 24,475, 389 away from being 1 bil total assets and I'm smiling and slightly groaning at the same time.

Smiling 'cos it's a milestone and I cannot deny that I'm as credit driven as the next and moreover, I still remembering being almost broke and wondering if I'll ever get away from broke!
Slightly groaning 'cos, well,  of all the aspirations and goals to set, my bank account really ought not be on my list at all, or if it has to be, right at the bottom.

The bank balance is a tool. It enables the opportunity to build a safer, faster and more capable platform upon which to achieve my goals and aspirations.

Yet still,  for just a moment, I'm going to smile. I worked for this and frankly, it is an achievement even if it's not the "be all and end all".

There are commanders out there with 10-15 bil+ and more but they too are building their dream and working to a goal that's not just a bank balance I reckon.
That is what is impressive, their goals.

Out here in the void, credits open doors (just like they always did I suppose) but without a goal or a reason to open the door, none give two hoots really.
OK, the pirate who wants your stuff may take notice or maybe some fund raisers on the various stations trying to further their respective causes will want to appeal to your benevolent side.

So, I've no problems joining the billionaire group at the end of the day. It is a milestone and it's takes some doing.
I just need this cautionary log entry to remind me perhaps later, about what is important and what is not important and that particular rat race is firmly the latter.

24.5 mil used to be a huge thing when I was back in Dettiboo 1.  
It still is even in a Type-7 kitted out of trading I suppose.
In DettiBoo 5 now, it's a hell of a lot easier to see my way to earning this and more.

Do you like it?

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CMDR CMDR Jokerman
Explorer / Trader
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Just another 24 mil odd
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30 Oct 3304
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19 Sep 3304
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18 Jun 3304
Got a plan
CMDR Jokerman
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