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Glaivas / 14 Oct 3305
Reaching the Core #5

Dryau Ausms KG-Y e3390 - The Dryau Awesomes

Until now I am following, at least until the arrival at sagittarius A*, the waypoints touched by the expedition "Distant World II" to be able to see with my own eyes some of the systems known especially to tourists and explorers more navigated. This system greets visitors with its breathtaking view of its black hole and a white dwarf just 3 ls away. A gas giant orbits the star and crosses its cones with a period of only 14 minutes. In the system there are also some planets that offer some stunning sunrises. According to some reports I read about the expedition, originally the original rendezvous point would have been placed on the planets AB 2 B and this caused several accidents to ships trying to land because of gravitational anomalies due to the proximity between the two celestial bodies. In the end, AB 8 A A was chosen and I decided to take advantage of this information and imitated my predecessors and I decided to land there too in order to have some time to plan the next route.

As soon as I left the Colonia Connection Highway, I made my way to Dryao Aoscs FW-W e1-5865 (Phiaanor) to admire this blue planetary nebula and its water world with ring, Mylaifa AA-A h786 (Ocularis Coelum) and its star surrounded by a small ring and finally enjoy the view by approaching the nebulae Eok Pruae RO-R e4-2481 (Pink Flame Nebula) and Eok Pruae PI-S e4-2295 (Cloverfield Planetary Nebula).

One of the things I appreciate most about my job is enjoying both the trip and the destination. Reaching a waypoint means crossing at least ten systems and each of them is a discovery: systems with only one solitary star others, instead, full of planets and moons. Each system is unique and, considering that there are at least four hundred billion stars, I just regret not being able to visit them all.

Sometimes I write at home, I write to the person who was waiting for me and I send her the most beautiful photos I can capture. I think that the sense of exploration is just that: face the immensity of space on your own but still have someone to return to. Because in space you can lose yourself but the nostalgia for those who are left behind keeps you alive.

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