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Maul Montresor / 14 Oct 3305
Some Time Ago pt.3: TerraBItes

"Are you fucking kidding me?! He was right there in front of you!" Maul shouts over the sound of an explosion with accompanying gunfire.

"Oh so now you're just going to give me the silent treatment? Typical. You know, if you were paying any bit of attention he wouldn't have been able to steal your fucking briefcase and we would be raking in the money right now!"

Another mans voice is heard over the ruckus in the background. "Dude, calm down it's just a game and try getting a life you tryhard."

Maul leans back in his chair with a blank look on his face. He calmly takes his headphones off and lays them on his desk as he turns the game off.

"Shit, maybe he's right." He says to himself.

"Ashley, how long have I been playing this game?" He asks out loud to his A.I.

"Roughly, 4 hours." She answers back quickly.

Maul shakes his head and stands up to look around his filthy apartment.

"I need to get into something...Oh!...Ashley, has Xero tried to contact me yet?"

"No but TerraBites sent you a message about an hour ago."

Maul sits back down and opens his messages on his computer.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I did, you told me to tell her to "promptly kiss your ass" and that you were "on a kill streak."

Maul smirks as he finds Terra's message.

"Yeah, that sounds about right."

He opens the message:

"Hey Gh0uli3, I appreciate you helping me with that hack a few weeks ago. Maybe people will think twice now before they use charity funds to fuel parties riddled with cheap drugs and escorts. ANYWAY...I was wondering if you'd be interested in some field work. Xero told me about you helping him out last week and I was so impressed that I just knew that I had to have you for this job, what with your big strong muscles and handsome jawline and all."

Maul rolls his eyes.

"Terra, I love you and all but please cut the bullshit. What do you want?"

After a moment Terra replies.

"You know you love it when I sweet talk you!! :p. Seriously though, I need someone to go out to Kim 2-17 and get access to a node located at White Settlement. My sources tell me that some shady stuff is passing through there and I want to know exactly what it is. As far as payment goes, I'll pay the normal rate and extra if you find anything juicy."

Maul instantly replies.

"Sounds good. I'll contact you."

Maul gets up and grabs his jacket from the closet as he heads out the door.

He eventually makes his way to the docks and boards his Krait "The Enigma".

"Welcome back Commander." The COVAS says in a monotone voice.

Maul grunts back at the COVAS.

"I really do need to see about getting Ashley integrated into the ships systems."

Verity remains silent.

"Jesus, you could at least try to defend yourself!" He yells back as he starts changing into his Remlok suit.

Eventually he makes his way to the cockpit and sits down in the pilots chair, double checking on the panels that the SRV is refueled and ready to go, he finally launches and exits the station.

"Verity, plot a course for Kim 2-17, White Settlement. We got some shit to hack."

"Yes, sir."

Maul sighs and points the ship toward the first jump on the route.

"A little enthusiasm is all I'm asking for here, Verity. Just a little bit."

The FSD charges and The Enigma enters witch-space.
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