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Juliet 10 / 15 Oct 3305
First log: October 15 3305 at 0418

So, this is my first log. I got my Pilot's Federation license the 29th of September 3305, for some background. Kind of surprised that I haven't made any of these before.
Yesterday was a good day. Only thing I did were bounties and assassinations. It's messy work, but it's some profit. Made tens of millions of credits in a couple of hours, and got myself to another rank in the Federal Navy. Pretty nice.
Developed my ramming ability a bit more, and did some on the job training with Flight Assist Off, which I'm still getting used to.
So, that was my work day I guess. Two days ago I fully settled into Galileo. Nice place. My apartment is tiny, with no windows, but I really don't mind that. The people here seem friendly enough, and I hate all the advertisements everywhere.
I've been taking some days off, too. I'll be keeping up with Galnet and Operation IDA's communications in the meantime, but I need to make plans for what I need to do outside of all of that. Biggest item on the list is more credits, big surprise. I'll also be doing research on some things but otherwise I'll be relaxing, doing whatever comes to mind over the next couple of days.

Well, I really don't have much more to say. I guess I'll just end this log.

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