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Rex-Cramer / 15 Oct 3305
The Center of it All

It's been a few days since my last log.  I've been pushing on through the jumps and made a few landings as time permitted.  It's a bit strange now.  The galactic disk was always 'that away'.  Things were either towards it, or away from it.  It was an anchor for me, a mountain peak in the forest that gave you a sense of direction in the blanket of trees.  Now it is all encompassing.  In every direction there it is.  Now it's a continuous line across the sky.  This is most dramatic on the surfaces of planets where the disk spans the entire night sky.  A remarkable effect to this bubble-born guy.

Soon I was within a handful of jumps of Sag A. and I started to stumble across some previously mapped systems.  The disk was now solid all the way around my view.  I was excited to see the beast at the heart of the galaxy.  I fire up the FSD drive for that last jump and suddenly my cockpit explodes in red warning lights and my ship announces an FSD malfunction.  "You idiot" I thought to myself.  I'd been so used to exploration near the Colonia region and the safety of a station just a couple thousand LY away that I had completely forgotten the damage to the FSD from those neutron boosts. My FSD was down to 71%.  Not only that, but tucked into my module banks was a nice, handy, AFMU.  All powered down and still with new-module smell. Sometimes I don't know how I avoid sucking vacuum.

After dropping down and repairing the FSD drive I was able to complete the jump to Sag A.  Warping straight into that monster's face is definitely a pucker-up moment.  The size and mass of it are staggering and the lensing effect is quite powerful.  I took some readings and then largely just idled about and admired it.  It's not a grueling trip but it was several days effort in jumping, scanning and mapping to get here.  Source 2 is not a disappointment either.  Fifteen solar masses of intense heat and 5 solar radius make it an epic monster.  You loose scale out here sometimes but the numbers are impressive.  I believe that is my largest star thus far.

From there I settled in and jumped to Explorers Anchorage.  Man what a location!  I can only hope there is someday more human presence in this area.  A guy could really enjoy working out here.  I touched up the paint, resupplied the AMFU and refueled the SRV.  Plotted a course about 1000 light years below and I'm ready to head out.  I will be making my way back to Colonia from here.

Flyby of an earth-like near the core:

Next stop, center of the Galaxy:

Rest at Explorers Anchorage:

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