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Flemish Jack / 18 Oct 3305
Pegasus Run 3305 - Days 16-17

11:46:16 10-18-05

Well kiddos (the 2 or 3 that are receiving these hopeful shouts from the rim) it's been a pretty uneventful jog towards the wreck of the Zurara.  You know, uneventful in the respect that it's been pretty low risk and boring.  With the exception of the potential stow-away.  I mean...maybe...?  Super weird.

So there I was....

Like I said, jogging to the Zurara because what else are you going to do in the initial stages of a more than 100k ly expedition than visit a derelict megaship to remind you of how things could go epicly wrong.  You know for warm fuzzies and stuff.  Anyway, boring repetive shifts running several thousand light from waypoint #2 towards mysteriousness I needed something to do.  So I figure a little house cleaning.  I figured I could spend my spare time tidying up the equivalent of an office building by myself.  Wasn't an original idea as CMDR Vel Eshti mentioned a similar exercise aboard the Corvette.  Good idea, because why not? Again, what else is there to do?  The experience jelly I traded that pirate a couple of weeks ago went up with the DBX so there really wasn't much else to do to pass the time.

Figure the boat needs a good swabbing I set about the mind numbing task tuning in Radio Sidewinder to ebb the flow of suck.  All is well.  Make it to the aft crew section and what do I find?  I flippin' Sirius Corporation sticker afixed, rather firmly I might add, to the bulkhead of the aft stateroom facilities (I didn't want to say "head" again).  Yeah, a Sirius Corp sticker.  That may not seem that big of a deal to most, but let's consider that I have never made the Robigo-Sothis run in this boat.  Robigo doesn't have a large pad (for the uninitiated) so not for a lack of wanting. How did it get there me thinks.  

Can we talk for a bit?  You know just amongst us girls.  What is the deal with Sirius Corp?  Why in the nine hells would that many employees want to visit a corporate tourist site?  And a mining company at that.  I'm not complaining.  Their money spends just as good as everyone else's and they pay really well, but....  I've made that run tons in my Python and I have a standing rule that I don't talk to them...ever.  Back in the early days sure, but I learned pretty early on that they're a bit entitled and I might say needy.  "Get me some clothing and dishwashers 100ly out of the way.  I'll pay you less than cost."  Piss off, says I!

Is Sirius some kind of cult, church or is it really that good of a company to work for?  Seriously (pun intended) who does that?  Fruity weird.  There is definitely some color flavored drink involved I'm certain of it.  Back in the Navy we called it bug juice.  "What does the purple one taste like?  It tastes like purple."  Some of you get that.  I digress....

Upon further investigation I find some odds and ends that might be considered random toiletries laying about.  On somewhat high alert I searched the ship for another lifeform and came up empty.  So evidence suggests that some douche rocket was squatting in my boat while it was at dock and that scum sucking free loader has since bugged out.  However, the paranoid me is thinking I may not be alone.  This could get way more interesting than I thought.  Particularly as the expedition progresses into the far beyond.  When I get back, if I make it back, the dock master and I are going to have a conversation.  Whiskey.  Tango. Fox.  Regardless I am 100% keeping a side-arm nearby at all times.  I've got this sweet subcompact loaded with these things called "black talons" they're super evil (turn inside parts into soup evil), but won't penetrate hulls or viewports as they mushroom on impact.  Again, I digress.  I've been out here by myself for a while so I talk a lot.  It's only going to get weirder over the next eleven months so strap in.

That said, while I was conducting the "field day" I was glad to find my North Coast Cargo Bay Sweater TM.  Let me tell you something.  If you don't have one of these things you should.  Take it from me, Flemish Jack, not only is it good for the less than optimal temperatures one enjoys within the cargo hold, it's also pretty good at keeping your niblets and jiblets at proper operating temp when you're EVA on an icy planet.  I wear mine under the flight suit and stay as warm as the womb.  Don't take my word for it.  Try it yourself.

Well fellow spacefarers I've made it in system and made first contact with the Zurara.  Wish I could get inside her and see if there's any good scotch aboard.  Going to do the ubiquitous message traffic download and photo op tomorrow once Vel gets into real space.

See you in the black.

Flemish Jack - OUT
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