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jsTronix / 19 Oct 3305
Farseer Unlocked

Today I decided to go ahead and unlock my first engineer. I have been mining Low Temp Diamonds and had enough cash to start looking at other ships to make some quicker runs across the bubble, or wherever. I decided to grab and pretty much entirely A rate an ASP Explorer for the purpose.

I took the AspEx and made my run from Borann to Maia, as that is the system I remembered. I then made the jump over to Merope to collect some Meta-Alloys. I failed to do a surface scan before dropping out of supercruise, so I had to find the Thargoid barnacle outpost under VFR. Thankfully, the outpost was easy to spot from higher up. I start hunting a spot to land, when I noticed that all of the spikes have been blasted away. I suppose I should have expected that, being that the Merope outpost was second on the spreadsheet list.

Remembering that there was a station in Maia that could potentially have Meta-Alloys for sale, I decided to head there. What a surprise to find that there was one left. Maybe this is by design so that a newer commander can just buy the one to unlock Farseer, who knows.

It was at this time that I hauled tail across the bubble again to return to station at which I had left my mining Python. I changed ships and left for Deciat.

Upon arrival, I donated my lone meta-alloy to Felicity, and selected my goal of engineering my FSD for longer jump range. This is about the time I was surprised that I couldn't just go to G2, for which I figured I had the materials necessary. Time to be disappointed again! Turns out I now need to work on increasing my reputation with lady Farseer before being able to craft any G2 components.

Thankfully, I had some other materials in stores, so I was able to craft enough component upgrades to gain G2 access. Lo and behold, I still couldn't craft the G2 FSD! So here I sat confused as to why this would be, as I still had two Atypical wake scans. Someone should have read the fine print, I suppose. I worked the crafting magic on the G1 drive a couple more times, only to find out it didn't provide enough boost to get to G2.

Moral of the story: better luck next time, commander.

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