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Dr. Arroway / 19 Oct 3305
Commander's Log: 2458775.781

Well, this has been a day of surprises for sure...

Compose new message:

To: Urania Minora
Subject: "TOUGH LITTLE SHIP...."


How in the hell did you get my message so fast?  Thought it would be well into next week before we heard back from you!
Maybe a few hours after I sent the message to you last night, some of us were trying to get to a neighboring system to do some "creative" bargaining for supplies and scan data.
Regulatory State of 101 Tauri had the station surrounded and blockaded.  Guns out, ready to blast anything that moved, including escape pods.

Next thing we know, there's this crazy ass pilot, cutting through Pythons, Cutters, Vipers and Eagles like they were made of paper.
Pretty much tore through half the blockade before any of them got a shot off.

Then the ship went full boost straight into the starport, probably going 450m/s.
Next thing you know, COVAS notifies me that I have a 5,000 fine for reckless flying, and landing without clearance.

Had to radio flight control and ask them how can I get a reckless flying fine, and a landing without clearance fine 6,000 km from the station?
They initiated auto docking protocols, and very cautiously brought the Argus in for docking.  Security met me at the pad, and escorted me to a shiny new ship.

I'm telling you, there wasn't a scratch, dent, or blast mark anywhere on it - looked fresh out of the replication bay.

"Miss, this ship is registered to you - and is on lockdown. Won't let anyone but you inside. Mind explaining how this ship flew itself?"
"There's no one in the cockpit. Are you using unregistered COVAS tech?"

I told them I was just as confused as they were, yet quite relieved it tore through that blockade. Then something damn peculiar happened.
One of the station security guards answered a call on his personal communicator.

"Um yes... she's.... uh.... standing right here.  No... of course we haven't shot her  - we're still trying to figure out what's going on. Yes.... yes sir... just a second."
"Miss.. it's the deputy director for station security in this sector, he's asking to speak to you!"

I took the communicator from the guard, and said "Hello?"  No idea who was on the other line, but I won't ever forget his gravelly, slightly sarcastic voice:

"We haven't met yet, but I'm a friend of Minnie's. She's doing well, sends her regards.... and of course, this ship."
"You need to get the guards attention and repeat EXACTLY what I tell you".

So the guy has me repeat what had to be some sort of high level access code because once I repeated it, the lead guard said:
"Yes Ma'am. Understood. We apologize for the inconvenience. You are free to go about your business. May I have my phone back now?"

I went to ask the creepy guy on the communicator if we were done, but the call had ended.
So I handed the phone back, and am apparently the proud new owner of a ship that probably made half of Regulatory State of 101 Tauri shit their flightsuits.

Now we have something to defend the station with, might very well turn this war around, and get back to peaceful exploration.

Thank you.  I don't know how you did it, or who your "friend" is, but they must be someone important if they can call you "Minnie" without losing teeth.

Hope to see you soon,


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CMDR Dr. Arroway
Researcher / Scientist
19 Oct 3305
Commander's Log: 2458775.781
Dr. Arroway
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