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MsValkyrie / 30 Oct 3305
Dearest Lilli

Hey Lilli, I thought I would try this and write from "beyond the stars" lol. It's all peaceful and serene here. The Obsidian Black crew misses killing pirates with you. They're keeping busy tiding up the hangar and the ships. I've been running more missions for Prismatic Imperium and earning those credits to put towards our space tours business. It's a slow and steady flow, but you do what you got to do. Every credit helps. I have received word from Gov Allison that Colonia has received the data you flew out to them. He congratulated us on our ongoing efforts to strengthen the Empire. I know one of these days I am going to meet Princess Duval and personally thank her for all the Empire has done for us.

The apartment is lonely without you. Sometimes I feel like I'm out in the vacuum of space. All the whispers and voices keeping me on the brink of insanity. I'll play your messages over and over from time to time just to hear you and reassure myself that you will be returning soon. I've been thinking of a nice vacation trip to Omega Nebula. I hear it's quite the sight to see. You know how much I love asteroid stations. Well, I got a schedule to keep if I want to get this data to its destination. Missing you

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15 Nov 3305
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13 Nov 3305
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12 Nov 3305
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30 Oct 3305
Dearest Lilli
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