Logbook entry

Orion Starhunter / 05 Nov 3305

"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts..." - Albert Einstein

The above quote certainly did fit our particular situation when outfitting the new Cutter. While she may not perhaps be the most desired exploration vessel any pilot could ask for, she has advantages in many other ways.
We recently installed a new integrated computer / voice system that works with the current onboard COVAS, along with a new experimental hybrid drive system we are dubbing "the Spore Drive".

Besides the typical SRV bays that we normally outfit exploration ships with, I also have included a fighter bay which contains one Guardian Trident Fighter. Coupled with the mine launchers and two laser cannons, our jump range is around 48LY. As I said, not as impressive as our Orca, who's range is 60LY, but it gets us where we're going, and honestly the crew and I are in no hurry.

The new computer module, Vega, has been very helpful with ship systems, and educational information along our journey. We are currently at the Horse Head Nebula in the Orion Nebula, and the view here is spectacular.

For a maiden voyage, this has been a great test of all the new systems, and the shakedown has been trouble free. We decided to name her, Ethereal Equinox. The name just stuck.

I'm going to take the SRV out for a drive before we leave the surface of Trapezium Sector EQ-Y D9, and collect some samples for study. After that, we'll push on to the Witch Head Nebula.

More later as it happens...

Commander Orion Starhunter
Ethereal Equinox
Imperial Cutter Class Starship
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