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Admiralmeep / 05 Nov 3305
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Alright, so apparently people find these interesting. NEAT. I’m glad I can provide some good stories. On to the subject on the title though-

I was doing laps around Dav's Hope, and one of my friends wanted to meet up. So we agreed to meet at Dav's. I went out into supercruise and then did my long return to Dav's. Once I returned to the area where Dav's is, I deployed my fighter and scouted it out to make sure there weren't any commanders that had beaten me to the loot. There were, so I returned to my exploration Beluga. The commander shot my fighter out of the sky in an attempt to destroy my Beluga. Turns out, he wasn't as smooth as he thought, as I had managed to get out alive.

Does this discourage me? No. In fact, he even said to grab some shields. My ignorance is stronger than his advice, though. That said, it doesn't mean I just don't use shields: my combat vessels have shields in them but my non-combat ships don't. If you're wondering why I fly shieldless, I find that shields take up room for another useful module, such as refineries, another SRV Hanger, or even more collector limpets.

I did end up meeting up with my friend in the end and we had a good time.

With that said, I think the moral of this story is that anything is possible and shields are useful.

P.S. Photo proof: https://t.fuelr.at/1fbn
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