Logbook entry

Orion Starhunter / 06 Nov 3305

We have begun the long journey to Colonia, and then will push on to Sagittarius A.

This has been a trip long overdue, since our last two trips out to Colonia. There were many factors that prohibited our last journey out to Sagittarius A, however this time we have a new ship and it's been on my "bucket list".

After leaving Jameson Memorial in Shinrarta Dezhra, one of the crew became ill without warning. While my orders to place the crew member in isolation until we could dock, his symptoms have seemed to have subsided, and as the doctor tells me, it's an illlness very common to the old Earth Stomach Flu.

After about 2 hours, we finally docked at Hillary Depot in Blu Thua AI-A c14-10. I have ordered the crew to follow up with the doctor and make sure they have all had their vaccinations updated. The last thing we want is an outbreak while en-route to Colonia.

During our trip here, I also got news that a new Generation ship has been discovered, and this one has a living crew aboard. The news only came after we were half way to Hillary Depot, so I was not able to alter course to investigate, however I must confess I am very much intrigued at this new discovery. Perhaps the crew may have some answers regarding what has happened to the previous Generation Ships, and why their crew is no longer aboard.

I still get chills reviewing the old logs we picked up from the previous Generation Ships, specifically the ones regarding the space borne illness that the crew contracted, and perished from.

I am happy to report that our new computer integration, Vega, has been functioning well beyond expectations and that our hybrid spore drive has been operating within normal parameters. In conjunction with Guardian technology we have installed on the Ethereal Equinox, I have no doubt that we will reach our destination without any incident. Just to thwart any possible suspicions, we've decided to bring a kitten with us for the journey.

Well, time to turn in, the next entry is scheduled to be sent when we arrive at Amundsen Terminal, in the Lagoon Sector NI-S B4-10. Being that this is a nebula region, I look forward to investigating this region.

Commander Orion Starhunter
Ethereal Equinox
Imperial Cutter Class Starship
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