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Rho Tefnutet / 06 Nov 3305
GalNet: Thargoids As Excuse For Silent Dictatorships

Thargoids As Excuse For Silent Dictatorships

No one denies that Thargoids are a threat to the Bubble and the colonies inhabited by humanity and those individuals claiming to work for the humanity's better progress among the stars. However, how far the changes can go? How farther the borders of what is unthinkable just a few years ago can be pushed without the public outrage?

Several months ago, there was a Federal Congresswoman, Juanita Bishop, who wanted to push a bill that would not only criminalize the Far-God Cult but also to sentence to death every single member of that religious sect to death. It raised the voices among the concerned Federation citizens what led into Juanita Bishop being thrown out from the Congress.

The Nova Imperium, created to support the person claiming to be Hengist Duval's heir, was dealt in a way that put horror to many: its leader murdered in cold blood, along with many other senators gunned down in the walls of the Imperial Senate. Followed by decimation of the people who would just slightly speak positively about alternative to Arissa Lavigny-Duval.

Then we have Alliance, in which Fazia Silvia had been murdered by the forces unknown and all blame put on two men: Gibson Kincaid and Frederick Yamamoto. That led to abolishing role of the Alliance President, being a counterweigh to Prime Ministers' position, severly abused by Edmund Mahon - with Council of Admirals, as well as Assembly of the Alliance, being in his pocket.

This is why many people run away from the Superpowers' respective spaces into the Independent space. Moreover, there are people who leave the Bubble entirely and settle outside it, away from the backstabbing high-borns of the Empire, outrageous death threats made by Federal congressmen and Alliance politicians introducting despotic measures in the name of twist-understood "freedom".

Is this the civilization we want?

Written by R.T.
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