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Smertkopf / 06 Nov 3305
Journey to Colonia - Day 10 - Skaudai CH-B d14-34

After 108 jumps I finally came into Skaudai CH-B d14-34 and landed moonside at Sacaqawea Space Port, where out of boredom I decided to do a spot of bounty hunting in the rings of the beautiful red-violet gas giant around which the moon hosting the spaceport orbits. I mopped up a good 800k in bounties before I dinged a security service Anaconda with a stray multicannon round and ended up a wanted man myself. Unfortunately, Sacaquawea has no facilities to clear my bounties, so I'll be flying anonymously until I can find an office to clear the undoubtedly tiny fine I have accrued. No matter, my next stop is quite a distance away, some eighty-odd jumps after I plot it into the Galaxy map. I'd prefer to take in the sights here a bit longer, but I can tell when I've worn out my welcome, and so back off into the black I must go. Next populated stop on the route is Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31 and Gagarin Gate, another planetary outpost. Hopefully they have a place to clear this stupid bounty.

                                                                                                                                 The view was worth getting the fine, and so were the bounties!

Through the miracle of telepresence I was able to help a friend of mine, one CMDR Mysh Meister, in his quest to rise through the ranks of the piloting world, and so I got to see the bubble again from inside the cockpit of a completely different ship, a Type-10 Defender with a freshly-installed fighter hangar. Mysh Meister cruised to a nearby resource zone and we sent many an outlaw into the next world before heading back to station to collect our earnings. If only I could use telepresence to pay off my fines! Below you will see Mysh Meister's Defender, in the Bubble and far distant from my actual body, which is in my own ship, itself parked on the other side of the moon from Sacaqewea.

                                                                                                                                                                              Off to work!

And here I am on fighter duty:


So, with another long stretch ahead of me, I'm figuring to spread the trip out over two forty-jump runs just to not burn myself out on jump-scan-scoop. My most recent indulgence in bounty hunting has left me with a dumb fine that's forcing me to skulk around the galaxy like an actual criminal over what's probably a 100-cred citation. Fingers crossed that there's an authority contact in the next system, or else I won't be able to clear my name until Gandharvi. Midnight is giving me no end of grief about the whole affair, cracking jokes about how in all his years he's never been a fugitive on the run. When I told him it was no big deal and happens all the time, he replied that the wing of Colonia Council cops who took our shields down to 30% before we could jump away certainly thought it was a big deal. I scoffed and replied that they were just doing their jobs. When Midnight asked which part of our job involved going about the Galaxy as wanted fugitives, I reminded him that I am a Freelancer, and that these sort of things come with the territory.

Onwards to Gagarin Gate!

o7 Commanders...and stay clean

CMDR Smertkopf
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