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Scooternutz / 07 Nov 3305
Finding My Way Back from Sadness

It has been six months since Dad died. We had so much more to do in the galaxy. In his weakened state, at the end, he could barely hold out long enough to do a couple of trade missions. I tried to take him on some ride-alongs so he could see the new deep core mining tools in action. He was always just too tired and irritable.

He died on May 16th and the next day I started my trek for Beagle Point. I made it to Beagle Point mid June after spending some time in Colonia. I needed to get away. I had no idea how I was going to fly around the galaxy without my dad right there with me. Going out into the black was kind of healing. Just me and Corina, talking to me in that sweet sultry voice.

My daughter has picked up where he left off. He left all his ships and credits with her and she is carrying on. We are trying to go through all the legal red tape to get her callsign to replace his (Northstriker). In the mean time she is flying under his banner. It is nice to have a partner again.
I have so much to share about my dad and the grinds we did together. I will have much to share about the new adventures with my daughter and some old and new friends that are blasting their way through the bubble right now.

For today’s official entry: I just bought a Python and outfitted her as a deep core miner. I have the Krait MkII and this new Python (Fuckhunt) may be better for the job. She is nimble and can carry more than my Krait MkII (Wally) I have hit two rocks already in the system ************* and I am well pleased. It is late and I am going to hide out in the rings for a day to recover and hit it again. Time to hit that comfy rack.

Scooternutz out...
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CMDR Scooternutz
Trader / Explorer
07 Nov 3305
Finding My Way Back from Sadness
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