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VictoriaTerpsichore / 07 Nov 3305
Visiting the Golconda in Upaniklis

Met up with CMDR QuiGonTom and NaxRydan tonight to investigate the system we heard about in the news. Upaniklis was about four jumps out from Ross 775 in the Heavy Metal Queen.

It is one hell of an old-fashioned colony ship. The logs were interesting, too, although I won't discuss them in detail here in case there are some other CMDRs who are interested in seeing them for themselves. I had a bit of an issue picking up the data logs on account of a hardwiring issue I'd done with my fire groups. So that took some time to unravel. Now that I'm not flying out to the edge and back, I can ease up on how many scanners need to be plugged in, anyway.

We talked a bit about whether or not we'd even wanna get involved with these folks. Sounds like they got some issues, and I'm sure there's probably gonna be some money to be made ferrying folks off that maybe don't wanna be there anymore, but risking a spread of disease for a few extra credits? I don't know. Just doesn't seem like the charitable thing to do. If we decide to stick around here, I'll probably make some cash running combat bonds until we hear what kind of cargo they need and how I can get it.

Then I'd probably have to go get the T9 and haul its luscious ass out here...not that it'd be too far. Just an extra hassle.

Still, to think about folks being on one ship for a thousand years--being born and dying without ever seeing a sunrise that weren't simulated. It's gotta do things to your mind. It's just gotta.

A thousand years and they weren't even more than a hundred and fifty light years out from Sol. But there are probably full civilizations out there on atmo planets that live and die without knowing half the crazy, fucked up shenanigans any commander with a set of hardpoints gets up to.

I settled down for the night in Fozard Port, where the air smells like hot weld. I don't mind so much. Kinda reminds me of home.
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