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Aedan Pryde / 08 Nov 3305
Elysian Shore Exploration - Day 1

It occurs to me that I should have begun this log when I began traveling to the Elysian Shore, rather than during the establishment of my temporary basecamp. Regardless, here begins the log of my travels through the Shore.

I've set up camp in Hegua OR-H B51-1. Luckily, this system appears to have been completely unexplored upon my arrival, so the first thing to do is to fully map my temporary home. Following the mapping of my current location, I'll begin to move out to the surrounding systems, one-by-one, until I discover something new in this region of the galaxy, I succumb to space madness, or I decide that some nearby nebula makes for a more promising target.

I will make it a habit in these logs to only mention those discoveries which are of particular interest, if only to myself, in the text of the log, with detailed findings and notes separated below.

Alright, we've finally mapped each of the planets in this system. It only took an hour or two, it's fine. Now we begin investigating the local geological phenomena.

Ending the day's surveys following investigation of 10 geological sites on A 2 A.

  • A 1: No signals
  • A 2: No signals
  • A 2 A: Geological Signals 24
    • Silicate Vapour Fumarole
    • Silicate Magma Lava Spout
    • Silicate Vapour Gas Vent
  • A 3: No signals
  • A 4: No signals
  • A 5: No signals
  • A 6: No signals
  • AB 1: No signals
    • AB 1 A: Geological Signals 42
    • AB 1 B: Geological Signals 20
    • AB 1 B A: Geological Signals 16
    • AB 1 C: Geological Signals 11
    • AB 1 D: Geological Signals 2
    • AB 1 E: No signals
    • AB 1 F: No signals
  • AB 2: No signals
  • B 1: No signals
  • B 2: No signals
  • B 3: No signals
  • B 4: No signals
  • B 5: No signals

Neighboring Systems:
  • Hegua MW-H B51-0
  • Hegua RC-G B52-0
  • Hegua SX-F B52-0
  • Hegua GQ-E C25-9
  • Hegua TX-F B52-2
  • Hegua TX-F B52-1
  • Hegua QC-G B52-1
  • Hegua QC-G B52-0
  • Hegua SX-F B52-2
  • Hegua TI-B D13-11
  • Hegua NR-H B51-0
  • Hegua SX-F B52-1
  • Hegua TX-F B52-0
  • Hegua KW-C C26-7
  • Hegua GQ-E C25-0
  • Hegua NH-D D12-15
  • Hegua GQ-E C25-1
  • Hegua OC-D D12-15
  • Hegua OR-H B51-2
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CMDR Aedan Pryde
08 Nov 3305
Elysian Shore Exploration - Day 2
Aedan Pryde
08 Nov 3305
Elysian Shore Exploration - Day 1
Aedan Pryde
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